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This might answer your questions about our website.
ToG Stream is a collection of movies and TV Shows that are in the Public Domain or in any other way are free and publicly available on websites such as, YouTube etc.
On here you will also find Twitch streams that we moderate for and admins (SirMadsen) YouTube channel. One way of supporting this site is to watch and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Public domain movies and TV Shows are free to use and share anywhere and everywhere. We provide a 100% free way for you to watch them as well as trying to make our website look professional and and resemble the major streaming services as a way to be easily recognizable.

Yes you can. We have a built in PWA mode that will present you with a option to install a web-based app when you visit the homepage from your mobile device.

ToG Stream will then look and run as if it was an app installed from your preferred store.

The public domain (PD) consists of all the creative work to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply. Those rights may have expired, been forfeited, expressly waived, or may be inapplicable. Because no one holds the exclusive rights, anyone can legally use or reference those works without permission.

Yes. You can support us by subscribing to the YouTube channel and by donating a coffee over at

Any way you choose is very much appreciated.

No, we do not store any video files on our servers. All content in form of video are stored on external publicly available websites such as YouTube,, Twitch etc.

Movies and TV Shows may buffer depending on quality, where they are stored and how much those servers are being used. for example is not optimized for streaming, so if there is a high number of visitors and usage on their servers it affects the less prioritized streaming function.

If you experience a high amount of buffer we suggest that you pause the video for a few minutes and then resume. You might even have to watch something else until servers stabilize.

Videos in VHS (LQ) quality will stream better than videos in 720p and 1080p (HD) quality.

Setup and Troubleshooting

Whenever we find something that belong to the public domain or is in any other way free to use and share.

Know of some? Let us know.

Some episodes may not have been uploaded to publicly available websites and/or may not be found. If you find a show with missing episodes and you know where to find the episode you can always contact us.

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